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What people say about 2-in-2-1

We are always pleased to hear from our visitors at 2-in-2-1. We always aim to proide the information and advice you need in an objective and compassionate way. Where we succeed it encourages us if you say so; if we have failed, please tell us so we can try to improve.

What some vistors have said

Your web site is excellent. My husband and I have been through the worst 2 years imaginable and with both our families fighting in separate camps it has been dreadful. I came across your site after my counsellor moved on and have been able to work through our issues even better than with my counsellor. I will still continue with the counselling but your site has definetly helped us to strengthen our marriage again and given insight into our problems. Keep up the good work!!

Your articles on trust were really helpful, they hit home, I've heard the same things before but it still helped, thank-you!

I just read Michele Weiner Davis' article: "Forgiveness is a Gift you Give Yourself". I'm thinking it could help save my marriage. I've been desperately looking for ways to mend us, and her article just hit home. I need to forgive my husband for the past he cannot change. It will release me from this prison of hell I've built up around myself.

I wish I could tell you just how much this site has helped me today. It answered some questions I have had for a long time. Thank you so much! Now that I have confirmation about some issues, I will have to figure out what to do about the huge challenges before me. I have a very, very troubled marriage. Not sure I want to continue it. Very sad, very angry.

I have just found your page and I am feel it has just what I have been looking for. There is so much to read that I hope I take some relationship tips from it as I sure need them. Very well put together and informative site.

I came across your site today for the first time and I really wanted to contact you and say that this site is the most informative, well thought out, and planned site I have ever come across. I research on the internet a lot and I am very impressed with your site. GM

Your marriage first aid kit is very helpful. I only wish I had discovered it sooner, maybe then my marriage could have been in better shape than it is now. Keep the good work coming. Thanks. LMcC

It is a good site. Very informative VS

I just want to say thank you for your help at least in my marriage. I had a problem for some years, let me say that since I got married I have suffered with no peace, but when I read your advice and comments, surely my heart be in peace.

I hope you will continue to help many. NM

I enjoyed the article on communication in marriage. My husband to be and I appear to have quite a difference in how we see communication but found some of your ideas very useful.

Thank you for an excellent and informative website. My parents suddenly started living apart last week - and it's good to find a resource with some links and information which are actually helpful!

Discovering this site has been wonderful. I have just crash landed in an enormously painful situation which has exploded from nowhere, just as I thought we'd reached the peaceful plateau of 25 years marriage. The site's whole ethos, your language, the underpinning sense of care - and wisdom - is so constructive. CH

My husband and I are active in an AA/Alanon couples group and are always looking for topics for the meetings. I think that this site will provide many topic ideas and resources. We are all working to repair the damage that addiction has done to our relationships and rebuild our communitcation and love. We have seen broken relationships renew and grow, with the use of the 12 steps of AA and Alanon and a lot of hard work. With the help of a higher power and good friends who are trying to do the same thing with their relationships, anything is possible. I really think your site will provide us a wealth of information and assistance. CC

The insight & structure of your Marital first aid kit was precisely what I required when I checked it out today. It gave clear and precise info, which was my salvation and reassurance at a time when I am desperate for that - I was seeing in print my own situation and feelings and I felt less alone and more validated and minus the patronising attitude of some other, similar, sites. It is refreshing in its 'objective compassion' : instead of re-hashing all the old platitudes in general terms, it cuts to the quick without wasting words or sanitising the trauma. Thank you, thank you, you've saved my reason during the first stages of the betrayal & separation train ... LR

Your article on forgiveness hits the nail on the head in our relationship. MC

I came across your site today while looking for information on buddist marriage customs. I have a brother considering marriage to a buddist girl, and I wanted to learn more to understand what may be involved, and expected. The information you provided was a great deal of help and was informative. Surprisingly I discovered your other topics at the same time. I will return here again to explore more. Thank you for your help. AB

Just plain Thank You! BY

Thank you for the work you are doing to support marriage. I trust this donation will be helpful to that end. And I'll tell all my friends about the site!! RC

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One way you can practically help us, and your friends is to tell them about 2-in-2-1 - just click here to tell them more.

2-in-2-1 operates as a not for profit organisation - it covers its own running costs, but all the time of the team is given freely. If you would like to contribute you can make a donation here. Thank you for your support.

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