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Marriage Resource Downloadable Resources

Over the years Marriage Resource has assembled a number of useful resources to support both married couples and those working to support them. The documents listed below can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Resources for individuals and couples

Living Together Successfully

Choosing a Marriage Partner

Why pay the earth for your wedding

Twenty steps to happy marriage

What is Marriage Preparation

Five Keys to a Great Marriage

Improving your Marriage

Compatability Questionnaire

Marriage Milestone The First Child

Marriage Milestone Role Reversal

Marriage Milestone Early Disillusionment

Marriage Milestone When The Last Child Leaves Home

Marriage Milestone Redundancy

Marriage Milestone Retirement

Marriage under Pressure

Everyone else is getting married

Suggestions for Separated or Divorced parents

Insecurity and children of divorce

100 Ideas for Strengthening Marriages in the Community

Why I Am Committed To The Ministry Of Marriage, by Selwyn Hughes

Resources for Churches

What can a Church do to support Marriage

Taking Marriage Seriously in your Church

National Marriage Week - Ideas for Church Events

Day of Prayer for Marriage

Marriage Thanksgiving and Rededication Service

Marriage Quizzes

All Age Talk on Marriage

All Age Talk PPT Slides

Resources for a Service on the theme of Marriage as God's Gift

Chastity - The Teaching of the Bible

Marriage Education for Young People

Marriage Preparation 1 - How it can be done?

Marriage Preparation 2 - Skills training for those planning their own course

Marriage Preparation 3 - Baggage from the past

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Enhancement

Helping Marriages in Difficulties

When cohabitees ask for help

First Aiding Marriage

First Aiding Marriage - Training Session

First Aiding Marriage Training Talk

Hot Picks
- Marriage Tips from Kate
- Marriage first aid
- Marriage help for friends
- Women at risk
- Deepen your love & marriage

- Marriage news from around the world
- Coffee Shop Chat - have some fun!!
- Marriage Problems - ask for help!
- Visit the Index

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