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Pressures in Marriage

Every marriage experiences its pressures from a baby that doesn't sleep to redundancy, debt or chronic illness. Some of the pressures that arise and how to cope are explored here. Let us know if there's a topic you'd like us to explore. For specific issues around parenting you might alos like to exploer the topic Pressures of being a Parent

 Topic Areas

Debt and Money Management
How can we handle money pressures in our marriage?

Faith differences
Our religious beliefs and traditions can impact our marriage

Homosexuality and gender change
Are sexuality or gender issues shaking your marriage?

Ill health
Is ill health, either physical or mental, putting a strain on your relationship

Infertility and childlessness
Are you struggling to have children?

Later years
As time goes on changes, such as children leaving home, retirement and ageing can bring their own challenges.

Work & retirement
Is your worklife or unemployment putting pressure on your marriage?

Becoming a Parent-in-law - a life transition
A challenging guide for parents-in-law and parents-in-law to be.
Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Desperate Wives
Help and Hope for Women Considering Separation or Divorce
Book Christian Desparate 
Must be Teething
Find out how to respond to your husband on his "off" days.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Run to you
A powerful story of a woman who experiences two miscarriages, and is faced with deep questions which challenge her faith.
Book Christian Desparate 
The Love Dare
A programme of 40 days worth of simple challenges to enrich your marriage relationship as featured in the film Fireproof
Book Christian Concerned 
Keeping the romantic spark in a long-term relationship
How can you keep the romatic spark alive in your relationship?
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Neglect kills
Does your relationship need some running repairs?
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
New baby?
Has a new baby just changed your life?
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
Sex Drives: His and Hers
Inequal sex drives? A little advice!
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Struggling with Jealousy
Is jealousy threatening your marriage?
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
Take Back Your Marriage
To ensure that one's marriage lasts "as long as we both shall live" as opposed to the increasingly popular "as long as we both shall love," William J. Doherty recommends that couples undertake daily "connection rituals" that facilitate "intentional marriage."
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
What happened to our sex life?
What can you do when desire seems to have died??
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Your Guy's Guide to Gynecology:
Everything You Wish He Knew About Your Body If He Wasn't Afraid to Ask
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Make up or break up
Faced with marriage difficulties, what can be done to save your marriage?
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Dance of Anger
Learn how to turn anger into a positive force in your relationship by moving from "you" to "I" statements
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Dance of Connection
Good communication is the key to successful relationships but both men and women complain that they fail to communicate with the other person. This book aims to show how to articulate your true self and transform your relationships.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Crunch Points for Couples
A look at the changes in couple relationships that can be really tough to work through.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Marriage Milestones
A series of leaflets that look at various milestones in married life.
Interest and Advice Concerned 
Oh, Give Me A Clone…Oh, Give Me A Break!
Marrying a widow or widower brings its own special challenges. Explore the issues and the feelings through the insights of a WoW (Wife of a Widower!!)
Wow Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Past: Perfect! Present: Tense! Insights From One Woman’s Journey As The Wife Of A Widower
A wise, insightful, candid, clear and captivating look at the unique and challenging life of the Wife of a Widower (WoW)
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Saving the Situation
A book for men facing difficulties in their relationship and family
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Relate Guide to Staying Together
Find ways to work through your problems.
Book Interest and Advice Desparate 
Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage
Think of this book as emergency room training for marriages that are about to collapse. Unlike other books on relationships, this one focuses on what to do after you spouse has moved out, taken up with someone else, or has said that she or he wants a divorce. What do you do now?
Wow Book Interest and Advice Desparate 
Hang on... I Need to Say Something
A fun, down to earth book about recovering the communication and sparkle in your relationship
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Good Marriage: How and why Love Lasts
Mingling case histories, advice and observations, this study should prove a lifesaver for many couples.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Bereaved Parent
A sympathetic book to help at the loss of a child
Book Interest and Advice Desparate 
Rainbows through the Rain
An anthology of Hope. A collection of poems, thoughts, hymns and bible verses compiled to bring hope and encouragement in times of shock, pain or grief.
Book Christian Desparate 

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