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Communication Difficulties

Communication, understanding and being understood by your partner, is one of the keys to a strong and happy marriage. It's an area where there are often difficulties and if they are not dealt with they can breed further complications. It's also an area where skills can be learnt and lots of help is available.

Rate your communication level
Answer 20 questions and assess the level of communication in your relationship
Coupleconnect cards to enrich your communication
55 cards with questions to inspire better, more meaningful communication with your partner
Wow Tip Interest and Advice 
Laugh your way to a better marriage
Hilariously funny, but with a really serious and helpful message for every marriage
Wow Videos and CD's Interest and Advice 
The Commitment Conversation
The Commitment Conversation, will lead you through a positive discussion with your partner that will help make your partnership stronger
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Two ears and one mouth
Are you a good listener?
Tip Interest and Advice Fine 
Time Together
Find out how setting aside time together can transform your marriage!
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Hang On - Can I Say Something?
Have you got something you're longing to say to your partner?
Tip Interest and Advice Desparate 
How fast do you think?
Do you and your partner communicate at different speeds. Find out how can you improve your communication.
Article Interest and Advice Fine 
What Men Want
What Men Want hear their Wives say
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
What Women Want
What Women Want hear their Husband say
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
Keeping up appearances - a block to intimacy?
How open are you with your spouse?
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
Find how guilt limits our ability to confide in one another and be open and what can be done.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Being too hard on yourself may be spoiling your relationship.
Tip Interest and Advice Concerned 
Personal Perspectives on PMS
Find out what can be done to help when premenstrual syndrome causes pressures in your relationship.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Aquila Workbook of Reconciliation Give Up Giving Up
Self -help exercises and useful guidelines on building a new healthy relationship from the old
New Book Interest and Advice Desparate 
100 Plus Hints And Tips For Building Good Relationships
David & Maureen share the tips they have learnt
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Anger in marriage
How can we come to terms with and manage anger in our relationships?
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
An exercise to help your communication
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Communication Do's and Don'ts
Some basic do's and don'ts of communication.
Tip Interest and Advice Fine 
Do you understand the effect your emotions or lack of them have on your marriage. Find out how to make your emotions serve your relationship.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Forgiveness - one of the keys to a healthy marriage
Do you find it hard to forgive? Fnd out a bit more about this key to marital health.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Forgiveness - The Oil That Lubricates Any Love Relationship
Let the oil of forgiveness restore the engine of your marriage.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Keeping Your Relationship Fresh
Some great ideas to keep your marriage fresh!
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Meeting Places
Tips from David and Maureen's seminars
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Communication is Wonderful if it Ever Takes Place, "Communication in Marriage". Part 1
Find out if you really communicate with each other.
Article Christian Fine 
Developing Trust in a Relationship - Section one, "Communication in Marriage". Part 12
How to develop trust in marriage.
Article Christian Fine 
Developing Trust in a Relationship - Section two, "Communication in Marriage". Part 12
Find out how trust is built when we are willing to risk the vulnerability of entering into deeper communication.
Article Christian Fine 
Ending the Battle of the Sexes
Reconciling gender expectations in marriage
Book Christian Concerned 
Empowering Couples Building on Your Strengths
This is a book to help couples identify and build on their strengths. It will help couples also identify their stumbling blocks and teach them how to turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Dance of Anger
Learn how to turn anger into a positive force in your relationship by moving from "you" to "I" statements
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Dance of Connection
Good communication is the key to successful relationships but both men and women complain that they fail to communicate with the other person. This book aims to show how to articulate your true self and transform your relationships.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Marriage Builder
Another book by Larry Crabb which puts couples in touch with their deep emotional needs and how to handle them in a healthy way which allows them to build strong marriage relationships.
Book Christian Concerned 
Why Women and Men Don't Get Along
A great guide to help you understand and manage the essential difference between the genders and build a relationship that celebrates these differences.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Divorce Busting
A step-by-step approach to making your marriage loving again.
Book Interest and Advice Desparate 
Hang on... I Need to Say Something
A fun, down to earth book about recovering the communication and sparkle in your relationship
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
A look at the differences between men and women and how understanding them can help our relationships
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Marriage: Fact and Fantasy
Ann Marsh looks at marriage -'at the gap between life as it is and life as we would like it to be'.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Sixty Minute Marriage
An easy to read book in bite sized chunks with lots of practical advice
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Fighting for Your Empty Nest Marriage: Reinventing Your Relationship When the Kids Leave Home
Many couples go through a major trauma and often divorce when their children move out for school, work, to set up their own home, or get married. This book looks at strategies on how to move forward to a new level of fun and intimacy.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Three Practical Tools for Improving Your Communication
Three practical ways to communicate better and avoid making assumptions about what you each want.
Article Interest and Advice Fine 
Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First)
If anger and fighting are ruining your dream of a happy marriage, Dr. Turndorf's 12 step conflict resolution program is for you.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
You Just Don't Understand
The differences between how men and women communicate.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
20 Communication Tips for Couples : A 30-Minute Guide to a Better Relationship
Able to be read in thirty minutes, a concise and simple guide presents twenty tips designed to improve the way couples talk and listen to each other
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
20 Advanced Communication Tips: A 90 Minute Investment in a Better Relationship
Covering such issues as feelings versus facts and being right versus being fair, this book offers couples the advanced strategies they need to strengthen their communication
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Getting Through to the Man you Love.
Some key messages on how to strengthen your relationship
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Beyond the Chuppah
A Jewish Guide to Happy Marriages
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Fighting for your marriage
Positive steps for preventing divorce and preserving a lasting love
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Communication Miracles for Couples : Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict
How to understand each other better.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Getting to Yes
The guide to winning the negotiation game. It shows the reader how to pursue his own interests and keep his adversaries happy. A few principles will guide the reader no matter what the other side does, or whatever what tricks they may resort to.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 

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