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Re: Broke boyfriend

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
Thanks, Chosen, for your sweet reply on my little psycho dog. He sure has some personal negatives! He is so aggressive with all dogs he sees, that weigh more than him...most of them. He growls at all "killer" K-9 dogs, that would eat him for lunch, Pit bull mix dogs, and huge scary dogs we see in the doggie store. I keep him sitting in the basket and a hand on him, so he doesn't go all crazy when he sees these other dogs.

When he is in daycare, the dogs are small like him, and there is a clerk to make sure all the dogs behave. He is pretty fowl tempered. I guess he thinks he needs to a patrol them. Is that the little Napoleon complex?

Since my husband is gone at tax time I had to again, wade through about 8 days of a biz/personal tax return that would choke a horse. I felt a little "poor little me" that I get to deal with all the details of life. If he were here, he is not equipped to do it either, as I kept the books for years. The last two years his company fails to withhold state tax, so I have to make sure to offset that in the return. My creative refund stands a chance to be audited so next year I need to find a good CPA and then set aside a fund to pay that tax if he has not got the hang of finding the loopholes.

It is just too stressful to deal with it all these years, Sometimes I resent filling in parts in a marriage where the roles are always blurred. That occurs more with a man whose job keeps him away. I sure didn't choose this as a way of life. Now I need to lose the built up steam and go paint and take some nice park walks with the dog. Otherwise I may let some of that slip when I talk to him on the phone.

When a brick falls off the China Wall and he is not here, it is NOT his fault. He begrudges me nothing, so I should not feel crabby I have got to take care of most of the chores. When he is around he cooks, cleans and does anything asked. He actually will be home before my birthday this month. He missed it 3 years in a row. I am sure some whiners, who complain a lot about their marriage, would not make It too long with that inconvenience! I am pretty stoic, but there are times, when I feel petty about the sacrifices I've made. I just try not to share that with him when he calls. I will paint a picture or whatever gets me out of that pity party. He looks forward to call home and doesn't need an earful.
Good night.
I can understand your frustrations. But it looks like you have good coping mechanisms. The separation because of work can't always be easy for you. I admire the fact that your life is rich with hobbies and you don't let things get you down too much. I'm glad he will be there on your birthday.

I hear you on taxes. Glad tax season is over!
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