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Old 12th March 2000, 04:57 PM   #1
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Post Never give up supporting marriages

I am delighted that 2-in-2-1 has been formed.

I am a terribly enthusiastic supporter of life long marriage. My wife and I having been married for many years now. That is not to say it's all been plain sailing. We like most couples, have had our share of ups and downs with some quite difficult times.

I really do hope this site will bring tremendous hope and encouragement to huge numbers of couples around the world. Even if they are going through difficult times. It really does not need to be 'hopeless' .

I know, there are organisations which are supportive of marriage relationships in the wider context, accepting that in many cases, splitting up and divorcing may be the answer and I am aware they do very good work. However I personally feel so strongly, that we must try never to give up, even if the couples situation seems desperately bad. With God, a marriage is never beyond redemption. It's as though God has planted a deep desire in my heart years ago, to believe for and see marriages restored.
I recall someone quoting from, I think it was the great missionary Hudson Taylor, "learn to move men, by prayer alone".

It is wonderful to lift couples who's marriages are in trouble up to God in prayer. Not only that some little change may happen but for an outright MIRICLE to occur and see a marriage that was destined to be completely destroyed, fully restored and to such an extent, that the husband and wife find they have a better marriage than ever. One that will truly last 'till death, part'.

We must all continue to encourage and treasure every marriage, because every one is very special and precious.

Peter Murray

Peter Murray
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Old 13th April 2000, 04:24 PM   #2
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Some friends of ours went through a bad patch a few years ago. The husband left home to live with someone and the wife was distraught. Even Christian friends were telling her he wasn't coming back and to give up and start her life afresh. Fortunately, one or two of her friends didn't give up and encouraged her to go on believing for her marriage. In the end he came home and they are slowly rebuilding the trust. It's a painful journey, but they are both comitted to working at it. Prayer does work miracles!
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