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Old 16th January 2008, 03:37 PM   #1
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I need your prayers!!

Im new to this whole forum experience but needed to find a way I could contact people who are more mature then myself in the situation I am in...

I currently study at university and I am 21.
I have a relationship wiv my God but do say I am religious as I dont fully believe my faith is religion based more relationship based....

I has such a passion and longing to grow in my faith and have actively been involved in church life since I was a child but since attending university I have gotten involved with a muslim guy....

He is not fully practising which is something I have tried to encourage as I believe following your religion is a must but I do not know what I should do in this situation...

He is my best friend and I do not see how I could possibly walk away from this situation, I have tried to pray, and I have tried to let go of how I feel... I have read my bible and can see how maybe we dont have a future but I believe in my heart and mind we do.... The problem I have is the fact we would raise our children muslim, this burns me as I do not know how I could live not expressing the one thing that matters to me most in life. I know we could have a loving household, with a balance in terms of respecting one anothers religion, I know he will not stop me from living out my faith but I worry that as time passes he may become more involved and practice his religion more and this will change him....

Not change his character or his love towards me, but change the things we do and the current things we experience together....

I guess I am jus asking for a lil advice as to what is best in this situation for the both of us... and if anybody has been in the situation where their muslim partner has changed for the best because I hope ans pray that if he does change it will only add to our relationship....

Thanks xx
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Old 17th January 2008, 07:24 PM   #2
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Re: I need your prayers!!

Hi C&M I have posted on your other thread where you say the same thing.

I think you know the answer yourself. God will make it more and more clearer to you as you pray and are open to His will. You have to trust Him. No you are not going to be left on the shelf. Try and not let the feelings control you. that is what is happening. When you are in faith you will have peace, even if it is a battle sometimes. Please do not waste your life. You are young and have it all before you. Right decisions bring right feelings gradually. Please don't be steamrollered by your feelings. Rely on Him through your faith. When it is the right person you will have a definite deep peace where you can release your feelings with assurance. You have everything to live for. Please do not waste your life I beg and pray you.

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