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Old 8th April 2009, 08:28 AM   #16
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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

Having kids generally sinks relationships because spouses prioritize the kids over there spouse and feminism has had alot to play in all this, our society is in a downward spiral out of control. We are over populated as a nation and 300 million people can not all live the american dream, new students are flooding universities at alarming rates and good high rated universitites are having to tighten there standards to maintain good student teacher ratios and maintain high quality graduates (I am happy my university is still maintaining its hard core standards in engineering and science as my degree will always have high value). This creates a pesant class because the existing infrastructure is being taxed. Divorce is occuring at an alarming rate because peoples priorities are all messed up and majority of americans and most europeans dont come anywhere close to living in reality and they could not logicly reason there way out of a paper bag, I am bewildered by the stupidity of alot of people, it is a strain to find people who can even carry on an educated logical debate.

Couples dont have boundries with there kids and dont prioritize mommy and daddy time alone they react to every whim of the child and there is no longer any disipline in schools or even at home we have degraded to such a point as a society that you cant even point to any one or two things anymore because so much is in shambles.

Originally Posted by Ageing Grace View Post
This is another artile from the Times, entitled "Love Lessons from Divorce". In it, Naomi Woolf says Her premise is that, after divorce, parents make conscientous & legally-binding agreements regarding childcare and finances - plus, both partners gain enough free time to invest in new romantic liaisons.

Woolf says that, if we made these legally-binding arrangements upon marriage, we wouldn't need so many divorces because everything's in place for a well-managed family, financial, and romantic life. I think she has a strong point! She further says that civil partnerships, for example gay marriages (in the UK), lacking a pre-existing legal structure, have to get these matters sorted out by contract prior to commitment and therefore have a better chance of survival than traditional marriage.

I'm quoting her final paragraphs. You can read the whole article here.

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Old 8th April 2009, 05:01 PM   #17
clockwork orange
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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
I am glad things are going better for you and that you have strong faith. You have been very honest with your situation. I appreciate your sharing this personal information and hope you find support and advice that helps. Your area of concern is also a problemfor my daughter and her SSA. It was a revelation to me and I met the other person last summer. Let us say I was a bit rocked and needed no explanation for I understood right away. .
Thanks for sharing that. It is a shock for any parent I should think - I know my Mum has never let my Dad find out about me, she says it would destroy him. She knows him best after 42 years! Try looking at if you didn't already find it. That is where a lot of my support comes from, along with my local fellowship. Mr Clockwork is truly amazing ito how he has faced this and helped me to face it.

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
Concerning RP here. I get it the poster enjoys talking about his sex life or non-sex life. Maybe part of the thrill is to go on a Christian forum for shock value? It all comes back to a rant about sex. It is a bit like a teen who just discovered his unit.
Since we are all adults we heard it before. I just don't like to hear it here. I say no style, no substance.
HeeeHeee!!!! Nail on the head!!
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Old 8th April 2009, 08:17 PM   #18
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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

LOL, I am actually not a card carrier. I believe it is better to be rejected becasue you dont want to end up with a prude, I would rather have one woman in 20 accept who I am than try to play games. As far as the foot ball player I thought that was funny and exactly why im buying a PPK this week lol, not that I go to partys and say stuff like that but you never know what crazy people will do and you need to be prepared in case someone wants to rob you or assult you, also looking into buying a vector MP5 as well, when you raise the stakes high enough people think twice about there actions, thats what separates amature hour.

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
The voice of doom, having spoken, may move on. Pity RP parents did not have this viewpoint. :-(

RP is the poster boy for illogical thinking.

This must be a card carrying mysogynist?

I will take my knowledge of the world through better sources.
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Old 9th April 2009, 02:00 AM   #19
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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

Dear Clockwork...

Thanks for sharing. I got a nice call from my daughter today. She says is it OK if she calls me when she gets off work today? We used to always talk when she was on the way to work or when she got home. I have seen little of her for some months.
It has been a sad place for me.

Who else but a mom who sews late into the night, is available to talk at 1:15AM? So she will call me. She told me a few weeks ago her friend had some phsyical problems. I urged her as I said,"If that was my daughter I would press her to get a check-up. Since you care about her , make sure you push her to do it. Sounds like something serious."

I think my daughter is concerned that the friend did get a med done and wants to talk about that. Hope I was wrong that something serious is the problem. The girl is only 27. I told my daughter.."Bad things happen to young people too.....make sure she dosen't play waiting games and gets a checkup."

Anyway...I am not delighted with the situation but I am glad she trusted me enough to be honest. If it is part of her life..she is my daughter.

Last edited by 1aokgal; 9th April 2009 at 02:24 AM.
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Old 13th April 2009, 08:26 AM   #20
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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

This might be a good read to explain why marriages are failing as well, we have a nation full of liliths. I feel incredibly lucky to have found an eve this second time around.

Yet the church is completely silent on these issues, not one sermon on topics like this has ever been presented when I went to church.
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Old 30th March 2011, 05:13 PM   #21
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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?


I have just "discovered" this marriage and society section.

What you posted was extremely relevant and appropriate.

I never heard of this author before.
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civil partnership, divorce agreement, marriage contract

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