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Re: Anxiety in the marriage

Originally Posted by DogLover2014 View Post
Raymond, that's a hard question. For me, I have a fear of sickness, germs. I worry about my hubby too. I like to think he's my rock but when he is anxious and weak it feels like I'm on my own. He has panic disorder. He's scared of fainting in public or taking an attack at restaurants / cinema etc.

He doesn't get to church much because of it. Probably for the last 2 years he's been off and on. Our pastor knows our situation. We told him about what id done and he's been great. He made me feel like I wasnt alone when I thought everyone would hate me.

We just have so many issues. Both personally and together.
Why would everyone hate you?We have all done stupid things in our lives that we regret. Is there anyone at your church who does prayer/ministry?
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