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Re: Anxiety in the marriage

Originally Posted by DogLover2014 View Post
i never had depression until he left me with too much responsibility with the house and child, I did everything and that's when I broke down and took panuc attacks.. I suppose it sounds like I'm blaming him for it which isn't true although he did say he 'shouldve done more and will always help from now on' which didn't last. Am I looking to blame him for it? Would I have got depression regardless? Would I feel this way if I lived on my own?

No one can replace him, I know that now. But living on my own doesn't really scare me, but our young children living with one parent just doesn't seem right. They should have us both. But at a cost to my health..
Thats why you need investigate why you are feeling anxious and trapped around him when there seems to be no real reason.
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