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Re: My husband had 8-year-long affair with my mother. Not coping with this at all.

I see my parents almost every other weekend, they live together, from what my husband said he wanted to get some sort of towerblock flat with my mum, I'll be honest here, it's scaring me and sickening me thinking about it.

He also admitted to me that he'd bought my mum a Pink Soda Sport crop top from a JD Sports branch and asked my mum to send him sexy selfies, he showed me the sexy selfies of my mum wearing the crop top. The top looks like this: image link.

I have three sisters; one lives near Edinburgh, one is up in Birmingham (she moved there for work) and my other sister's by Hertfordshire near the home counties. How I'll tell them I don't know and I'm worried they won't believe me, we have an incredibly close bond.

My husband didn't say when he is leaving but did say about wanting to live in a tower block with her, isn't that an odd choice for people in an affair, this subject is something I have little understanding of, I honestly thought "it's all pretty good in our relationship.".

The biggest shock was his admission that he married me to gain access to her, and admitting that he wants to marry her in the future. with him being her toyboy/cougar/whatever.

You said about legal advice... what sort of legal advice? Where does the marriage thing come into it legally, isn't it illegal to marry your former mother-in-law?

Also... as for my daughter, how and when do I tell her about this?

thanks for your help so far.
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