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Re: My husband had 8-year-long affair with my mother. Not coping with this at all.

Wow unbelievable that both your husband and own mother have betrayed you like this. I am so sorry. Your dad will have to know, especially if they are planning to be together, and no, she cant be your childs step mum, she is supposed to be her grandmother for goodness sake. They are devastating so many people, how completely and utterly selfish especially to have both lied and cheated all these years.

I know you are in shock, but you need to get legal advise, and if I were you, ask for advise about making sure that he is never allowed to ever take your daughter to his house if she is living there.
You will need to allow him to see your child for her sake, and you will need to be strong for her, but that will be hard for you. Do whatever you have to do for yourself and you child, get the best financial deal that you can.

I dont suppose that you will want to have contact with her after this, and thats not surprising, did you see much of your parents?

Do you have other siblings that you get on with? if so you could talk to them. if not a friend? Did he say when he is leaving and where they will live?Did he say if she is going to tell your dad? Is he still at home?if so you may want to tell him to go now.
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