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Re: Surprise Wedding

That is wonderful that you have decided,after two children, you want to do a "surprise" wedding. There may be problems, as I see it. She deserves to be included into all the aspects of your future plan and sudden decision. I can imagine there are times she questions her decision to have two children with a lover, and without benefit of marriage. It might be sometimes depressing for her to think she makes the biggest contribution in committment with these children.

Why don't you ask her, with a formal declaration, that you want to spend the rest of your life as her husband, and forget the "surprise." Plan together how you celebrate that occasion or better yet, marry before the birth of this child in a small ceremony. Then perhaps you could set up a larger wedding in future. Surprises often prove to be negative for the one planning it.

Do you think she WANTS to marry? I wonder why this was a belated plan, instead of marrying before children? A woman usually wants to plan a wedding and complete some childhood fantasies. Perhaps she wants a religious ceremony in a church and has the dream of a special dress?

I wish you well on your decision, but think she would love the idea to plan this wedding together.
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