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me and my wife went on a short break to Guernsey I wasn't met to be going but due to some unforeseen circumstances I ended up going last minute the idea was for my wife to see my sister and meet up with a male Dr friend and get met sister to help him out around the island, anyway when we got there i had no wifi so to contact home I used the wife phone and came across a message from a few days earlier from the Male Drit said. where are you my wife replied only land on Saturday he replied oh I had Viagra and I thought you was gonna sex me up, I show the wife that I had seen it and she said that he talks like that to everyone. I wasn't happy so i text him off the wife phone saying that I wasn't happy. me an the wife got through that 2 weeks later i looked on her phone again I don't make a habit of this but this is what the wife had text the Male Dr

It was a difficult time for me in Guernsey! The first couple of days were horrendous!! Dave was looking through my fone! He got all paranoid, he does not understand our friendship at all!! However, we managed to talk loads of things through & faced a lot of demons! Things have been much better since. So I want to apologise to you for the weirdness! & also thank you, it was all part of the journey I believe. Who knows what the future holds. You were right last night, we do have to trudge through masses of **** before we get to a better place, I firmly believe that I am undergoing a massive transformation. Everything will turn out the way it is meant to be. For now I am leaving things firmly in the hands of the Angels and the universe! I will get there too!! Look after yourself and make a difference.
i asked the wife why she had apologised when really he should of an i thought she wouldn't of contacted him again it just seems to me that she's more on his side than mine as if i was in the wrong to text him to say i wasn't happy
can some one tell me I'm being paranoid over nothing
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