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Re: Pray for Me Please

No Roses, I didn't know he wanted to leave. I knew something was wrong but he had been worried about his job and I thought that was it. Then he started talking about his "friend" at work. I told him I didn't like it and he stopped the plans to go walking. But her name kept coming up. Stupid me, I didn't listen to my gut instinct. Kept thinking he was depressed over his job.

The few months before he left things really went downhill when the emotional abuse began. I couldn't do a thing right, he stopped taking me out saying he wanted to have time to relax. He would still bring me little treats, told me he loved me, then scream at me that I had to get a job. I didn't really know until I saw the email to the lawyer that he wanted a divorce. Hindsight is twenty twenty though. I now realize he was emotionally abusive because he wanted me to say I wanted to split up so he wouldn't have to be the one to say it and deal with the guilt. And all the screaming about a job was because he was planning on leaving he knew I didn't make enough part time to survive which meant alimony. I really think he had been planning this for a long time.

I have thought about trying to contact OW's husband but I don't even know his name.

Anyway, it seems it's a done deal as my lawyer has called today. My H has accepted my agreement. I have no choice and have had none since this started.

I am feeling numb right now. I have just been overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. I was willing to fight with all I had but I can't do it alone.

Pray for me please.
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