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Re: Pray for Me Please

He has some money but wants compensation from my half for his share of the house.
And for me to take less alimony. I am living in limbo as I still don't know what I will have. I agrees to get and pay for my own health insurance. I don't know what else I can do.

What you said about giving everything up is exactly how I feel. He had a house that he didn't have to put a down payment on that would have been paid for in six years. I am not perfect by any means but I was a good and faithful wife and best friend to him. He had freedom to go out with his friends to watch sport, etc. I never gave him grief over it. My Dad would treat him to dinner out once a week. I just don't know what he's searching for. I don't know why he hurt me like this. I

Thank you again.
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