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Re: Looking for an expert counselor

DavidM. My own experience of depression - about 40 years of it - was that doctors/psychiatrists were worse than useless and just wanted me to be drugged (this drug will work, I promise, but they never did), psychologists were, with one exception, just as bad. The best help I had were from clergy who were not necessarily trained but who had an active faith in the goodness of God and a core belief that God healed and we walked a journey from there. However there are excellent and useless clergy/religious people as well. But I didn't actually move out of depression till I started taking the supplement 5-HTP at 3 per day, reducing to 1 at night till I didn't need it any more. Took a year the first time, 3 months the second. Being depression-free is wonderful. 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin, the feel-good hormone that most people are able to make themselves out of protein and I import it from the US from For some reason I didn't make enough of it for years, or something. All good now.
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