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Re: brink of seperation

Raymond what you say is full of much wisdom. thank you for sharing it with me.
i just ordered a book someone recommended, 'Loving against the Odds' by Rob Parsons. i know God is challenging my character and i want to grow spiritually enough to love him even when he has hurt me or is annoying me etc... i know i have a lot of growing to do, and whatever Gods purpose in my life i want to accomplish it. but i know i can't unless my character seriously improves and God must be using my marriage for this.

Fellowship is so hard at the minute. its hard going to church as i breastfeed the baby, i can't get to meetings at night as thats when i go to bed to catch up on sleep. there is an early morning meeting and i would love to get back to going to it, i really miss and need fellowship. i feel out of Gods house, and a lot of it has been to do with how unsettled things were at home. it takes confidence to get back....i don't have much of that at the minute. but i am seeking God in the mornings and thats a start.

counselling went better than expected today. she used a talking and listening exercise to help us discuss things, and it was much much better - we actually listened and understood one another rather than ranting and raving over one another for the first time, because it was all slowed down, and it was moderated!

anyway... im off to see to the baby! i hope you are having a good day. God bless
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