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Re: What's wrong with me?


Speaking as someone who's been in your wifes shoes I think she probably feels like you don't want to make love to want her to perform. You set the scene and she enters, stage left, and she has to act the part you've written for her and say her lines and she will enjoy it and you will all be happy....only it dosn't quite work like that. I know you were trying with the flowers and all, and for anyone in a happy marriage that would be a really nice touch, but for your wife who probably thinks constantly that she's not working right because she dosn't want to have sex all the time it is just a huge scary pressure and there isn't anything more likely to turn a girl off that pressure. I know it's difficult but try to remember the more pressure she's under the less she'll want to do it, and even after you ease off on the pressure she'll still be very very wary of you and your intentions. Give the girl a there something she does that pesters you?? Me and my husband kind of used humour to get over my stress about sex, we agreed that I'd stop pestering him to take a sicky if he'd stop pestering me for sex...gradually we got back into a normal's suppose to be fun, you make it to serious and it becomes hard work. Good luck.
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