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So after returning home and discussing the incident with my husband and recieving more info from my sister I am leaning towards 'it was just an innocent accident'. From how my sister describes it, it sounds like they were asleep side by side. I was in the bed too, more like um Marae style(whole pile of matresses covering the lounge) where we all slept, after a few drinks. She woke to him hands on bum. When she pushed him away he went back several times. This is to some people obviously odd,and could deffintley be misinterpreted, but in my experience with hubby he is a very touchy sleeper and i often wake to hands everywhere. He is also a very deep sleeper. I often have to shove his hands off just to roll over. (Not an issue for me). I feel very strongly that it has been misinterpreted. I have ask hubby to leave while i clear my head. I am still stuck on the fact that instead of confronting him and telling me immediately it was kept quite like a dirty secret. Plus how can we possibly move forward as a family, now they have all condemed him.
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