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Re: Advice for soemone getting engaged

You won't like this but I'd tell them run away. My family and friends got so involved in making plans that it started making me sick to think about it. My husband and I just left one morning at 3:00 on a whim for the beach. I got married in a white sun dress with wildflowers in my hair, barefoot on the beach. Hired a photographer all at a grand total cost of $200. Spent the rest on my wedding fund on my honeymoon, laying on the beach in my honey's arms. Everybody was upset with us at first but we brought them souviners and hundreds of pictures. Now everyone envies my perfect stressfree wedding. Two of my friends are planning to have a wedding like mine and ask my advice. I just tell them you can't plan it Just leave in the middle of the night. Parents don't like this but it really was the happiest day of my life (no stress) It's a risk though we happened to be able to get our licence(it almost didn't happen) Found a sundress style wedding dress ($13) on sale, had cloudless 80 degree weather (in nov in north carolina). It would be an act of God for it to fall into place twice like it did. We joke that thats how we KNOW our marriage was God's idea and not just ours
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