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Re: Separation advise

Originally Posted by guy123 View Post
Thanks chosen for your advise , we have agreed on splitting the bills, she is paying mortgage , was just trying to understand what she gets from me whilst we are separated.
I know I'm in the wrong as I cheated and accept what will happen but can anyone tell me how to deal with the fact she is sleeping with another guy already,3 months into our seperation , I'm unsure how to react as I cheated first.
Hmmm well that's really unwise as well, but maybe its a 'revenge affair' which I am told some do to get back at the spouse who cheated. I don't understand that crazy way of thinking, as surely she now is being just as bad as its still adultery.

Do you think that you will ever try and get back together? Does she want to end the marriage?
There is such a thing as a legal separation which you can arrange through solicitors, but not sure what the point of that is. If she isn't going to have you back, why isn't she ending it?

When my husband and I separated, he paid child support but I paid all my own mortgage and all my bills. Even with this he struggled to pay for even a tiny place of his own. If she is working then why should you pay half of the bills? You will be paying for your children already. I do think you need legal advise.
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