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Good news on your apartment. Congratulations, that is a big step forward.

So sorry your dog gave you a nip. That was not only a little hurt for a bite, but it hurt your feelings as well. Those little dogs get agitated often around other dogs. I take Dipper (Pekinese) one half day a week to doggie daycare so he socializes, as he is terrible greeting other dogs, except there.

I hear that is a fear reaction to protect the master. Dipper goes nuts and last week we had an incident with a bad run in with a pit bull mix at our dog store. You can take your dog there and shop with them but he went berserk on this trip. I keep him in the push basket (like kid seat). I keep a hand pretty firm, as he can get really nasty when he sees the dogs, growling, snapping, barking and not the nice dog he is when he goes to daycare. There he plays and get along.

I took my hand off to reach for my wallet to pay. We were by the door at the register, he jumped down from the basket, leash dangling, to chase the dog coming in the door. It was a Pit bull! I ran behind as he jumps up and down in this dogs face and I try to get his leash. That woman goes nasty, hysterical, and her dog tries to run clear of my 10 pound barking little dog. I got him, apologized, and I was shaky how close that came to Dipper being hurt there. He was so aggressive, I can see where he could have bit at me if I got in the way of the dog. So he will get more daycare with other dogs, more interaction in controlled situations needed, such as an obedience class. That will need to be done with care. By the way, when he is in his dog bed, I have to wake him SLOWLY, to take him upstairs at night with me. He will growl at me, as these little dogs are set in their ways, like a crabby old guy!

The little dogs by nature, are very protective of family. Dipper loves daycare, but I sure can't take him into the dog park, because he acts like an attack dog. I stiffen up, so the dog senses my reaction, which may trigger his hostile actions to other dogs. I adopted the dog when he was 6 yrs. so no puppy trust time. I hope he gets better, but I think he won't alter much.

I hope you used antiseptic on your skin break and your dog Rabies shot current. I think the nip hurt your feelings, and your dog did not intend to bite YOU. I don't think he turns into a biter! When we invite a pet into our lives, there are adjustments like with a person we love.

You will enjoy to get settled and make your place nice with your personality. I have some redecorating to do here. I look at paint colors, carpet samples, and plan an update to a dull looking room. Fun to look in a magazine or two and get ideas. I bet you will enjoy that in your new place.

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