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Hi Lindentree..

I had not heard of the books, before I saw advance previews of the program 2013. The books are on best seller list and I bought the first one. Great story and a production with beautiful people and fabulous costumes. The actress is English and the man she loves is from Scotland, and actor is a Scot. It is a steamy romance with a huge audience and has made the author wealthy. If you google you may find channel in your area.

My husband returns this week, before BD on 29th. Thanks for your good wishes! He hasn't sent the flight info yet. So his relief is not there. That tells me he is delayed. What's new? That is the way of it ..unpredictable. Today is upper 70's and beautiful. I must call and get the doggie into the groomer so he looks very cute, with his little neck scarf. I hope you are doing OK today and get out for a walk with your little dog, Buddy.
I'm going to go for a drive by the beachfront. I heard my husband is not back until late Thursday. I will be relieved when he gets off flight in this city! I dislike flying and worry when has to. That's pretty silly!

One would think with 2 yrs invested in your relationship, a marriage would work. There is no certainty, except one has to look at a mans' character and values, to see how he might react. My husbands' family had no divorce, so his commitment was always strong. There is a high divorce rate in his field, and his younger guys will ask him about things at home sometimes. They see him as a role model. I see him as a patient man who can overlook little annoyances. I'm lucky he is tolerant and kind.

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