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Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
Hi Lindentree..

I am in Virginia Beach, Va. (Eastern time). The city is a beach resort and home to the Naval fleet. This area has more young men than most cities in the US! VB is a mecca for sun seekers, surfers, college students and foreign students on work visas who hope to settle here. Military often retire here as my family. We are 3.5 hours from Washington, DC, so we day trip to mountains and cultural events. Mostly it is the great weather.

Hurray, it starts to rain and that saves me a trip to carwash to get rid of yellow pollen. My husband will get into San Diego and fly East. I have no flight info yet. I was going to buy flower baskets for the porch. He said," hold off' so he hangs them. Today is quiet.

The Outlander program by Diana Gabaldon (google) wrote 8 book series. A time travel romance that is quite fabulous. It is like a BBC production w/beautiful people, costumes, and scenes of 1700's UK and Scotland.

Since no children mentioned, it will be easier for you to relocate/begin again.
Remember, a "do over" means you probably have a list of things you don't want for in future. My older brother met/married his wife on short time too. So, forget the advice, you need to know someone X amount of time. He met her, married her on THIRD day. He was a Marine, on leave, met her at a dance. She, an Iowa farm girl who took a job in the big city . She was 18, he 21.
Married? 59 years!

I hope you have a great day. Keep yourself positive. This is a good time to work on your personal issues. Your appearance, grooming, weight, education. Listen to beautiful music, think spiritual thoughts and you will attract the positives in the Universe. If you swear, smoke or drink...don't. Like attracts like. If you are attracted to smart, positive, athletic they are too looking for similar. That is how it works. Shiny people who smile and are energetic, are really going to draw others to them. Soon it becomes a habit, what you learn and practice.
Have a great day!
Hi 1aokgal,

I knew my husband for two years before I married him. It really didn't matter in the long run. My marriage failed. But what a great story about your brother and his wife! 59 years! Sometimes when you know you know...

VB sounds fabulous. I'm not really sure where I want to relocate. I plan to move in about 15 months.

It's been raining a lot where I am, too. Is your husband coming for your birthday? That's what I think you said. If your birthday is soon, happy birthday!

I can't believe I haven't heard about Outlander. From what I've read, both the show and books are pretty popular.
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