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Hi Chosen..

My husband will be back next week. I go look for two lovely hanging flower baskets to hang under the front porch area. The lawn looks beautiful and green, thanks to our lawn crew. They do a great job but delayed to plant our flower beds, for the harsh winter to plant May 1. Today is beautiful, and walkers compliment on how nice the yard looks, but I miss the lush flowers. We also have to prepare the pool as temps so warm now, it should be ready by mid May.

I married a much a younger man, so he has years yet to retire. This is a 1st marriage for him. My daughter was then 3.5. While we don't have to sweat a lesser retired income, as I invested/saved for this. The years left to work means a high income, but missed holidays and events for me. If he could obtain a shore pilot job, that would key. That isn't happening.

There were lots of lean years we struggled, I worked, he sailed and earned his place up line. He is a skilled tech specialist in high demand. Sometimes he gets back on vacation time, but flies when needed on a special repair task. He gets movie star treatment at 5 star hotel, earns thousands a day for 3/4 days work as he will diagnose/fix an engine. The companies pays millions in industry fines, if their contracts expire. They pay top wages for a tech to get there so they don't get fined or lose a contract. Their livelihood rests on a skilled tech. He contracts with other companies to do these emergency calls.

The work conditions are not normal. From my viewpoint here, there is a high likelihood I will be alone for a health emergency. I don't dwell on it, but that is a fact. My daughter is 10 minutes away and emergency can be here in a flash. I wrote the letter, directives, will, and leave a key to bank safe deposit box to her.

My time is still spent with the biz as I wind down, thank goodness. I paint in oil, do portraits in my studio upstairs. It is pleasant to eat lunch out in the Florida room overlooks the pool. It is beautifully scenic there. We remodeled that room last year ourselves.

I made a vow to end clutter so I sell off an antique doll collection. Now there is found money. I made good investment! This frees up the display/clutter space. Stuff converted to cash..I like that! I'm glad my husband will be here to help pack to ship. I made plans to gut this family room with fresh paint, new carpet and new furniture, so will work with painter next to get that started. My husband said, "Don't make me paint!" He is a terrible painter, so we don't go that route!

I look forward to select new paint and furniture shop next week. We have no mortgage, so our only expenses are upkeep and utilities. My husband inherited the family house in Germany so we expect a payout on that this year. We plan to renovate and install a new kitchen and redo the bathroom upstairs. I think it will be interesting to get some ideas as we go along. I plan a few days trip to the mountains when he is home this break. We will get in a cat sitter and take our little cranky Pekinese dog along. He is good/funny so long as he is not greeting a dog he thinks he can a big one! He sure can get aggressive. I may have to sign up with him and a trainer. My husband laughs and said it sounds like a couple hundred dollars wasted on that one! Meaning..he is not trainable, fixable. We will see.

I wish my daughter had time to input opinions on new décor here. She sleeps days/works nights. I think she is always tired. A police woman who work nights. Ask me about my stress on that fact! I wish she were a school teacher. She still recovers from a fractured hand on an arrest that was difficult. She didn't realize she got a real good fracture for several days. She goes to rehab to gain back strength in the hand and remains on desk duties. Her mother wishes she patrolled with a man eating large K-9 dog! (just kidding.)

Hope you are doing well. You have the right touch with many posters here.

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