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Re: Wife wanting to be watched

greg, this is a total mess. Once you allow adultery into a marriage things will go downhill, as has happened, and now she is treating you appallingly and completely disrespectfully. You claim that its better for the children for you to stay together this way, but what she is doing and how she is treating you is very harmful for them. What sort of example is their mother setting them? Where are her moral values, her integrity? Is this how you want your daughter to act when she is older? Or your son?
Honestly this marriage would be far better to be over. If she isnt going to treat you with any respect or be faithful to you then what is left? Now she is pressuring you to watch them????That is terrible.
She clearly has no respect for you left at all, the children will pick that up, and they will find out about the other men if they don't know already. Also are either of them married? As for allowing her to have sex with them in your house, where is your self respect? Do you not have any boundaries at all?What about STD's? Have you been tested for them because you need to be asap. I know people who were given cancer by STd's their partner gave them while cheating.

This isn't all about my faith, most non believers I know would never allow this to happen in their marriage. You have let her walk all over you and act terribly. I would fear for my children in your position.
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