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Re: My Paranoid theory was right, wife was cheating

I would go and see someone else. In light of what you have said here,it does sounds as if he may be far better off with you. Get legal advice from another person. Are you from the UK?
You daughter could even make a statement, and if she was badly treated then its likely that he is being as well.
If you are from the UK, then all of the financial stuff will be sorted as part of the divorce process, and the childs needs will always be put first.You will definatelty have to pay maintenance for your son, if he remains with her, but everything else depends on the assets, her earnings, your earning etc and will all be negotiated during the process between her solicitor and your solicitor. You may have to pay some sort of spousal maintenance while your son it still a dependant, but you wont be liable for her bills after the divorce.

I do understand your frustration, as I know people among my family and friends who have been the one cheated on and yet who seem to have come out worse, but sadly life isnt fair. My husband was the same. His former wife cheated, divorced him, and still he was the one who had to leave his home and his sons and pay all the bills till they were divorced, and she demanded (and got ) their house, and he got nothing, but that was partly because he is such a nice guy and didnt want to fight it out and go to court. So I can honestly say, that I didnt marry him for his money. lol

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