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Re: My Paranoid theory was right, wife was cheating

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I do know somethings about divorce having been through one myself and also meeting my now husband while he was being divorced by his wife. You can no longer divorce for adultery. You can divorce for unreasonable behaviour (which obviously includes adultery) and can do that immediatly. The other alternative is to wait 2 years after seperation and divorce then if the other spouse agrees, or wait 5 years if the other spouse doesnt agree.
You can divorce her for unreasonable behaviour being that she has cheated,, but the best thing may be for you to find a solicitor to advise you all of this.

In light on what she has been doing with reference to your son, I would ask the solicitor about getting custody of your son, telling him the situation of him being left alone at night.

Thank you for your response. I have mentioned all that and the NFA police record and social services report that she has beaten her daughter as a child but the solicitor didnt take any interest in it. To be honest, I think they may have been appraoched by her as no useful information was given at all. All I got was her rights and that if I had supported her for 20 years the courts would be in her favour if I cut off all finances. That sucks, how can someone who has thrown me out, done me harm, cheated on me, mentally abused my daughter and neglects my son have the rights to have me pay their bills. It doesnt figure.

As for the mental abuse, I had always wondered why my daughter behaved the way she did. It has only been recently that she told me of all the things that her mum had done to her, how she threw her out, hit her with objects and even waving a knife at her. In many ways she had done that to me but because I loved her so much I would take it not knowing she had done that to our daughter. Now I wonder why my son is quiet and slightly reserved when it comes to crowds, I just hope that he is not going through the same abuse as well as neglect.

It is strange how unfair the law can be. Im happy to support my son but not my now to be ex-wife.

This is what hurts the most. The mental abuse I am getting now, the cruel treatment, the not knowing and the neglect on my son and I have no rights!
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