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Re: I need help, i don't know if i am in the right place


Im sorry you are in this place. The texts and this 'friend' are unusual thats for sure, i guess confronting him has come up with a blank but you obviously still love him very much. He also must love you too if he doesnt want to cancel the wedding. You need to do 2 things, firstly ask him to come back to you, tell him you love him lots and soon his true colours will start to show, then you will know for sure if he really is all for you. Secondly you must try and make a fresh start, dont bring up the past in arguments it makes things so much worse and makes you both bitter in the long run, argue about the issue to hand then try and get one of you to say 'i love you'. (try not to go to bed on a bad note, even if you hate each other at the time just 1 kiss on the head or cheek works wonders in the morning).

Again this is all in my opinion so it may not be the right thing to do.

all the best, Tom
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