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Re: I need help, i don't know if i am in the right place

Thanks for those answers.They did help to give a clearer picture.
Hmmmm, they dont really give any indication as to why he has left(which is why you are so confused I am sure). He says he needs time to think. You may need to find out what he is thinking about. Is it whether he wants to get married or not? Is it whether he wants to be with you or not? Or is it something else entirely?I do actually think it is very mean of him to just go off with no explanation. No wonder you are upset and confused.In your place, I would want to sit him down and stay there until he confesses as to what is going on. Whether it is good or bad, at least you will know where you are.
If he is having doubts its better to find out now, but it may not be that at all.Surely he owes you an explanation at least.

The problem with living together before marriage, is that he really has no reason to get married in a sense. He has all that he needs without having to make that committment. That is one of the reasons why I believe that living together is very unwise, but thats my opinion and my belief and not yours.
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