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Re: I need help, i don't know if i am in the right place

Hi gtyrel
So are you saying that he was in a relationship with this other lady and started seeing you at the same time? Cos if that is the case, if he has dont that done once he can do it again.
There are red flags here.Why was he secretly texting her at the time of the funeral? What did those texts say(were they very personal or just friendly?)
I do think you need to tell him that this present situation cant go on and that he needs to tell you what is going on once and for all. He seems to be having second thoughts, whether because of this other lady or another reason its hard to say.

I was also wondering why, if you have been engaged for 2 years already, the wedding date was set for so far in advance?. Was that his idea?A 3 1/2 year engagement is very long and could maybe show that he is reluctant.

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