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Re: I need help, i don't know if i am in the right place

Hi Gtyrel
Are you aware of how apologetic you are to everyone? You began by apologising to me and then blamed yourself for everything he's done. So I think you need to stop blaming yourself for everything. There are a couple of elements that could be affecting things here. Firstly the timing of his father's death. That in itself could be enough to make him question things - but it was 3 years ago - so the way he's feeling now is likely to be less affected by that. The thing that rang alarm bells for me was the girl that you mentioned. When I first read your post I wondered whether that was the explanation as it's the most frequent (in fact, usual) cause for people leaving. If she was just a friend - why lie? Sounds like he was seeing this girl before his dad died - which means you'd only been together a year. Is she still a "friend"? Why would you need to be seeing someone else that soon into a relationship? It just doesn't sound right. Out of curiosity, how did you learn of it on the day of his dad's death? Did he feel the need to confess? Always trust your instincts!
i always struggled about this, and i know it is my fault he has left i just never let that go.
You were quite right to "struggle" with this and it's NOT your fault he has left. I just hope he can "man up" and tell you face to face what's happening. Good luck and keep us posted.
Jools XX
PS) I'm going to bed now, but I'll look in tomorrow to see how things are. You're not alone. XX
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