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Re: I need help, i don't know if i am in the right place

I'm not surprised you're in a state! Without knowing more about you and your relationship though it's impossible to guess what's happened here? Just a few questions here to help shed light on the situation (if you don't mind).
!) How old are you?
2) How long have you been together?
3) Have there been any added stresses within the relationship (apart from the forthcoming wedding)
4) Has he "cooled" towards you physically?
5) Whose idea was it to get married?

I'm guessing that the forthcoming wedding has had a lot to do with his need to think - but he's being very cruel and selfish, and could at least include you in his thought process. Is there any chance that he's met someone else? If you answer some of these questions and give as much detail as possible then it might be easier to give a more constructive response.
Love Jools XX
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