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Re: Another loveless pair :-)

Can I just say that if you love somone , I mean really love them from the heart,that doesn't change because their outward appearance does. I think the issues you have with your feelings toward your wife go deeper than that . Perhaps you feel that by not sticking to her word and trying to lose the weight she's not valuing you enough, not trying to save your marriage - suffering a little apathy perhaps ?

It's easy to let ourselves go once in the security of marriage , we perhaps feel we don't have to try so much. You've lost weight, got fit and are feeling good about yourself and your self image has improved ,I'm just wondering if your wife felt she was happy the way she was and didn't have that same urge to improve her body image. She may even have felt a little hurt by the fact you felt the need to " change " her. I don't know, I'm just surmising here.

Either way, you're not happy and so it looks like a big talk is needed and form there a few decisions to be made.

Wish you lots of luck.

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