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Re: just found out husband is having an affair need help

Stolen kisses may seem sweeter for a while because one is not committed and just indulging ones feelings. The basis of it is built on unfaithfulness and cheating. It is a deception really and the end result has a bite that can ruin your marriage and ruin you.

Your husband was probably flattered Coolicrumble. I think the question is what does he think now. Maybe he was sharing with you how he felt at the time until he saw through it?

I wouldn't put much store on it Coolicrumble. There can be a thrill to cheating if you are being blind but the crunch comes sooner or later. She hasn't a patch on you as you are legitimately married to him and have provided faithfulness and a loving home and family for many years which is worth it's weight in gold. It is becoming a valued commodity these days the way things seem to be going.

So long as he knows it is wrong and has shown some repentance I would think twice before throwing him out. I hope he has really learned from this error but only you can judge the truth of it and act accordingly.

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