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Re: just found out husband is having an affair need help

Well last night brought the final end to our marriage. We were discussing calmly what went on in his affair and he was saying how he did not get out of it what he thought and after 3-4 weeks he realised it was me and our family he wanted.

Me being me I accused him of lying and said he must of got something out of it or it wouldn't have gone on so long and he eventually told me there was something and he has never been kissed like that before, so passionatley and deeply! So I just lost the plot and feel that is the biggest kick I have had I have taken many knocks in this process but this is the final thing.
I am not going to take any more sh** from him and have asked him to tell our girls (14,16) that he had an affair and to move out.

I feel totally heart broken all over again. I will now have to be strong for my girls and I do not know if I can, which makes me so upset thinking about it.

Any advice would be so much appreciated.
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