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Re: Sexless Marriage falling to pieces.....

Hi Raymond
I didn't mean to say that ALL married women go off sex. I know that's not the case. I just think that keeping sexual feelings alive is more usual in men. I'm sure your wife does enjoy it once you "get going" (excuse the colloquialism!) but even in your marriage it sounds as though you're the keenest regarding that, as you're usually the initiator. Luckily your wife is able to get turned on and satisfy your needs (and hers ... she adds hastily!). However, a lot of women just go off it all together. I'm saying "a lot" rather than "all". It would be interesting to ask for your wife's opinion on this. How do her long time married friends feel? Like I said, it's not something that women usually like to share with men. I've noticed that these things are only discussed when I'm with all female company. If any close male friends are there it will not be alluded to - even though other sexual matters might be discussed. It's quite interesting really. Maybe someone should do a study on it!
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