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Looking for advice to help your marriage?

I am working on an 8 week counselling programme where relationship issues, whether they be different parenting methods, no help around the house, money issues, jealousy, infidelity, hobbies, or any others will be discussed for free with a top therapist and then worked through over the 8 weeks. Implementing different techniques to try and overcome these issues every week.

This process will be filmed for a channel 5 programme about couples therapy across the UK but please do not think we are hoping to air dirty laundry for the public's entertainment, this is designed to give couples a real chance at improving their marriage, remove the stigma behind couples therapy and show the public who might not know how to express their difficulties, ways to work on their relationship and that there are channels that can help. Many people experience the same problems but do not know how to voice or overcome them.

I know this is a very private experience and asking it to be shared can feel very invasive but any boundaries will be respected and the therapist is a top professional, whose advice could really help.

If you are at all interested then please call or email me - or 0207 013 4096

At this stage it would just be a confidential conversation.

Many thanks,

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