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Re: Husband's Online Relationship-How Do I Cope?


Welcome to the forum. I agree with Chosen in every way. That contact has to stop NOW. The funny thing this scenario may be a complete farce. There may be more going on than the manipulation of a married man who is needy and who violates the trust of his marriage by trolling the internet until he makes a connection.

You both are being manipulated by a possible online predator. This person may use the internet to connect to a number of gullible people, like your husband, for emotional and perhaps financial gain. The internet is anonymous. The gender, age, appearance and intent of the person on the other end of the connection is unknown. There are networks of such online users in certain countries and they gain millions from bilking internet pals of money gained a bit at a time. Some of the contacts originate from clever penitentiary inmates who take on a false identity for this purpose. The photos supplied are picked up off the internet. There have been many exposes of fraud rings who operate the "onely heart" connections. Sometimes these clever con men gain vital personal information for the purpose of identity theft.

No intelligent woman would permit three in a marriage and allow her husband to use the internet for his emotional and sexual gratification or release! My bet is if you read the transcripts of their communication you would be shocked out of your complacency! I am sure you would lose the sympathy with the "perhaps female" on the other end of that communication. You better tell him this ceases NOW and stand behind that. It sounds to me that you think if you don't allow him to do what he wants, you might lose a meal ticket. That leads me to think you are solely dependent on him financially, because only that situation would rermit sufferance of a cheating, lying husband! That is exactly what he does on theis internet connection.

Those connections can get pretty down and dirty, and involves sex of a different type than you have with him. That is what he does with this other person....gender unknown! This is cheating. I say again..the appearance, sex, age of the internet friend is dubious. That is very likely not even a woman on the other end of these intimate talks.

There are many reports and articles written about these fraud rings. They throw out wide nets to pull in many people. Sometimes innocent information in discussions can be used by these rings for other illegal purposes. Your husband is playing with fire and you are very foolish to put up with it.

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