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Re: brink of seperation

hi Raymond

the baby was going through a growth spurt and seems to be over the worst of it, so i have had 2 nights of better sleep which has made a good difference. he has started helping til around 1am - he can't help after that, even if hes off the next day as he just cannot function late at night or early in the morning.

we have had a couple of better days of understanding and listening to one another. we haven't been back to counselling for a few weeks - due to go back next week. it is quite negative - it would be hard to change - its not through the church although its a christian organisation, and there is no praying involved. its for christians or non christians and it doesn't have a biblical focus. we can't really afford to go anywhere else as we are getting this one for free.

there was some problems before we married - i had some health problems then. we had a more active life then and i could do more. since then i can't do as much and he is resentful about this. he is also depressed now as he has been going through his own hard times with work etc. its been a very difficult marriage so far. we are both trying hard now.
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