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Re: brink of seperation

hi Raymond

i am glad you are able to see your wifes qualities now and you were able to come to a place of understanding each other more - how long did it take for you both to get into a better place in your marriage?
last night he did come and apologise and said he wasn't even aware of the things he was saying that they were hurtful, that he has no self awareness until way later on. probably your wife is a sensitive person then - she can see the need and feelings of others, but it also means she is very sensitive in her own feelings and emotions as well - i am like that and its hard sometimes i wish i wasn't but i guess it does come in useful as i can see the needs of others emotionally.
oh and yes i have that book about love languages - i actually lent it to my friend a year or so ago, i should ask for it back now lol and say we are in dire need! we have counselling on wednesday. last week was so hard - it was extremely draining for me and affected me the rest of the week, as the discussion did not end in the counselling room. i really hope its easier this week as i feel so run down at the minute. i am not getting to church either and am trying to stay close to the lord in all of this. thanks for being here to support us.
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