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Re: brink of seperation

i do hope it makes a difference. i am starting to get depressed and not coping well myself now. i think the whole thing has really unsettled me and every time something (argument) happens i just think to myself i have no energy left to give to marriage and just want to give up. but the strength i need to sort out going alone would be too much as well. it just all seems too hard at the minute.
today i was talking on the phone about something - something that was of mutual concern, but which was ultimately my decision to make. when dh heard me saying something he was not happy with he started the ranting and raving while i was on the phone so i couldn't even hear the woman. i ended up having to pass her on to him and explain im sorry i can't actually hear you because of my husband. then she explained the whole thing to him, stressed it was my decision and afterwards we argued about it and he said well he didn't know all the facts. he did apologise in the end but said it was out of concern that i was making the right decision. it just makes me feel de valued and my confidence completely undermined. im so tired of it all.
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