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Re: my feelings and thougths are all over the place and I need a place to let it out

Reading briefly here Broken. On the way to work. The thing that struck me is your empty threats when within yourself you are not prepared to back it up because you are afraid of being alone. This is the road to being a doormat actually. There is no room for this behaviour in a marriage. I believe you have to put it to the test and risk all. Her or you. That will have a much stronger affect than your pleadings, but you have to be prepared within yourself to carry it out if necessary. It is actually mental adultery from what you have said. There is no place to pander to this.

Sometimes we have to lose something to gain it. The more rope you give to this the more it will tie you up. Deal with this quickly and effectively and you might just get the repentance that is needed here.
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