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Re: Relationship Advice

Hi, Poppy, welcome to "this forum business"!

  1. It could mean he's got HUGE ideas about how a proposal should be done, and won't feel happy until he can do it in a swanky tree-top jungle lodge, at sunset, with the monkeys chattering around you & impossibly well-chilled champagne on ice ...
  2. Or it could mean he appreciates the (very real) mutual commitment that buying a place together entails, and has just started thinking he must be into you for the long-term, but can't quite get his head around it ...
  3. Or it might mean he wants to buy a place & stop paying rent, needs a second salary to make the purchase, and is aware of [2] above but doesn't want to piss you off ...

The real question is: How come you didn't ask him yourself, "What does that mean?"

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