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Re: brink of seperation

You do need strength from God Jan. Are you able to have fellowship with others? You both have a lot of adjustment to make but it is hard for you to do while he is acting as he is. Sometimes the enemy can work through our faults if we let him. It is one thing to be entrenched in our faults and think we are right. It is another thing to humbly recognise our faults and endeavour to change. Faults do not disqualify us from love. Like us all there are obviously faults in him that he doesn't see yet and will certainly not listen to you about them. The counselling will help him. Your marriage needs to keep facing the music and getting through what is actually going on. The enemy loves to wreck marriages and he needs to see that as well as you.

The main thing for you just now I think is to get enough rest and build up your faith. We don't want to see you depressed. Try and spend time with God and in fellowship. He sees your problems and is an ever present help in time of need. In the early days of my marriage I used to use scriptures like love your enemies to get though what was happening in my marriage. We were both adjusting to each other and we had our arguments.

Maybe him and his family are proud of speaking the truth and being straight but if it is not done in love it can do a lot of damage. One has to hold back pointing out peoples faults. It doesn't achieve anything if it is not done in love with a desire to help. Mostly we need to hold our peace.
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