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Re: Question for men - I would apreciate your candid opinion

Originally Posted by edgya1234 View Post
We have to agree to disagree Don't take me wrong I thank you for your time and advice however different persons want different things from life.
You are free to persue a career and make lots of money, but you wont be able to also have a good marriage and happy emotionally healthy children if you are rarely there and are always too busy. You may have to chose between your own ambitions and marriage. Maybe it wasn't right for you to think of marriage if you wanted to study and put your career first before your husband and any future children. You dont seem to have or want to have the commitment needed to make a marriage work or to support your husband in his life.
Your posts talk of yourself and of what YOU want to do, but to have a good marriage means that we cant do that, but must also think about our spouse and of their needs and wants and desires, and shock horror, even considering NOT doing some of the things that WE want to do make that marriage work. You seem to be expecting HIM to give all the support to YOU, and your desires, while not wanting to do the same for the marriage yourself. If you aren't prepared to make that commitment to the marriage and your husband, and make some compromises, then then how can it ever work?

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