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Re: Question for men - I would apreciate your candid opinion

It sound like you love each other Edgya but are both destroying each other with words.

One of you has to start acts of love, even just kind words. He is upset about something and obviously has his own hangups by the sound of it. These things can be sorted out. It might be an idea to have a third party perhaps a marriage counsellor to mediate between you.

He sounds immature but can grow if the love is there. You are both damaged people. Who isn't? My upbringing was probably worse than yours. My parents divorced when I was a baby and I only remember being in various orphanages being sexually abused in one of them. I am no stranger to rejection. I went to a meeting where someone spoke in a strange tongue. After a silence someone interpreted it saying: "You life is a dry desert. so dry that there are cracks appearing in it. I want to come and seep down into those cracks and bring life to your soul". I knew God has spoken to me and found out later that the way to hi, was through his son.

Marriage is always about give and take and compromise but you can find yourself in it and be happy in spite of problems although it is certainly not all problems in my experience. There are days of heaven on earth and maybe you have experienced some of that. It is worth fighting for.

Instead of giving tit for tat. I would try a soft answer to turn away his wrath. You need to get back to talking and sharing instead of living in a stalemate. If he really wants a divorce there is nothing you can do about it but I kind of suspect he doesn't and that may just be a cry for help.
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