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Re: Question for men - I would apreciate your candid opinion

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
Edgya sorry you are going through this. I have to be brief as have to rush of to work but hopefully will look in later. To me it looks like he is still interested but knows there are things to sort.

If sex in the car was the thing he rejected I feel that is quite a legitimate rejection. People might see. Sex is a private thing between a husband and wife only. If you have exhibitionist tendencies you would have to curb those as it wouldn't be right. Don't you see that? Maybe he does love you but cannot take that sort of thing. I think he is right and being sensible here. Exhibitionism never built a good marriage and is really to do with lust which leads to emptiness. I hope I have not misread this but please correct me if I have.
Few people would agree to sex in a car. I certainly wouldn't. I think that is being perfectly reasonable if that is the sort of thing that he said no to. Sex is private and only for the couple to see, and not anyone else.
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