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Unhappy Re: Please pray for a marriage in trouble.

I certainly hope so.

I restarted as an altar server at my local church. Although it was a few years since I was last a Server, I never forgot my training. I so enjoyed it.

I so hope that God can help me. Yes I fell out with him and I was so annoyed with him. In truth in all that time I was in the wilderness, I didnt really lose touch albeit that each time I spoke to him I was complaining.

As for my desire to have a bio child. MY wife doesnt want to have my child. She says that my step son is a handful. As she had a difficult birth with both of the children, she doesnt want any more. There are two children in the house, one 12 and the other 19, but sadly, very sadly, we have a biologically childless marriage.

I come fro a family of 4 sons. My younger brothers all have 4-5 kids each. Im the only one that has one biological son from previous marriage. I see him once a month due to his mother being difficult.

Is it wrong for me to desire a bio child with my wife. Am I despicable for wanting a bio child with her.

Why does God give children to guys who have more kids than they can handle and they abandon them, and then turns his back on men like me who are so desperate to have children, but God ignores me?

I am trying so really very hard not to be resentful, or envious or even jealous. It is so hard. I have to hide my emotion when my step children talk about their bio father who abandoned them.

So Lord over to you what do I do now....?
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